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Copies - Making prints from a physical paper original

We provide a variety of copying services including:
  • Large format black and white copies
  • Large color copies
  • Color laser copies
  • Xerographic copies

We can make copies from virtually any original, even the well worn and tattered blueprint. The small-format (i.e. xerox) department makes copies up to 11x17 and can print on several different weights and colors of paper. Our wide-format machines can make copies up to 3 feet wide by any reasonable length. The paper choices for wide-format are bond, vellum, mylar and several different colors. Pricing starts at 35 cents per square foot.

Plots - making prints from your digital files.

We can take your print-ready files and plot them on our wide-format HP8000 machines. The industry standard CAD format is DWG, but the best format for printing is either a PDF or PLT file. The paper choices are the same for plotting as they are for printing. We can also use our small-format equipment to print your PDF spec books or other documents.

For a complete list of accepted file types, click here

Color Copies

For a more detailed breakdown of our color services, view the color page.

We can make color copies from small or large originals. The small-format (i.e. xerox) color copier can duplicate any original up to 11x17. Our wide-format color machines can make copies up to 3.5 feet wide by any reasonable length. The paper choices for wide-format color semi-gloss photo paper, matte CAD bond, and double matte mylar.

Color Plots

We can generate photo quality color prints from your AutoCad file, or virtually any graphic format. We run both a HP DesignJet 5500ps and a HP Design Jet Z6200. They are 6 and 8 color inkjet printers respectively that can reproduce a wide gamut of colors. For small-format color prints, we use a Fiery driven, color laser printer.