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Oce Printing and Copy Machines

The Oce 9800

At Bill's we are running Oce' TDS860 and 9800 machines. These machines, in conjunction with Reprodesk software, can generate prints faster, cheaper, and at higher quality than traditional bluelines.

What is it?

Raster to Vector (RtV) is the process of taking a physical blueprint or drawing and turning it into a CAD file. It's also called 'digitization'.

How does it work?

Paper drawings or blueprints are scanned as a B & W TIF file. Then a CAD technician will recreate all the lines in a computer. The finished product is a CAD-compatible vector file that can be easily edited and takes up far less memory.

Raster to Vector Conversions

Who does it?

Bill's Blueprint does not have any RtV services in-house. However, we can scan your sheets as a TIF file and give the scans back to you on a CD. Your cost for this service is $0.85/SF. Many of our customers will then perform their own RtV using AutoCad. But there are also several companies that can provide a complete scanning & digitization package for a fee.

They include: