About Us


How We Started

Bill Watt, founded Bill’s Blueprint in 1969 he was a trained salesman knocking on doors and asking potential customers if they would support a local blueprint shop. It turns out they did.

Bill’s Blueprint has been a cornerstone in the Everett community for over 50 years, providing unparalleled expertise in the realm of blueprint production. As featured in HeraldNet, our commitment to quality and precision has stood the test of time, making us the preferred choice for individuals and businesses alike.

At Bill's Blueprint we understand the importance of ink on paper. Despite advancements in technology, our steadfast belief in traditional printing methods sets us apart in an ever-evolving digital landscape. From intricate blueprints to detailed schematics, each project receives the meticulous attention it deserves, ensuring accuracy and reliability at every step.

But our story extends beyond mere craftsmanship; it is a testament to passion, dedication, and the enduring spirit of entrepreneurship. Founded on principles of excellence and integrity, we have remained steadfast in our mission to exceed expectations and deliver results that speak for themselves.

Today, Bill’s Blueprint is led by Bill’s son Eric, who has upheld the values and vision established by our founders. As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we invite you to experience the difference that decades of experience can make. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the world of blueprinting, Bill’s Blueprint is here to meet your needs with precision, reliability, and a commitment to excellence that is truly unmatched.

Join us as we continue to write our story—one blueprint at a time.

Our services

Flyer Printing

Choose the perfect flyer design, You can’t go wrong. We start at premium and go all the way to extra fancy. There’s
Original single-sided flyers (writeable on one side) that you can send without an envelope, Original double-sided
flyers (more impactful) and luxe flyers (extra thick and luxurious).

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About Company

Established in 1969, Bill's Blueprint is a premier blueprint production company in Everett, combining over 50 years of experience with traditional printing methods to deliver unparalleled precision and reliability.

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Our Promise

We pledge to uphold our legacy of excellence by consistently delivering meticulous attention to detail and unmatched quality in every blueprint we produce all the time.

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How We Work

Through a blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, we meticulously oversee every step of the blueprint production process to ensure exceptional precision and reliability in every project.